The initative

A different vision of the societal role of universities, free universities: this is what nineteen scientists, lecturers and students, driven by love and their moral sense of duty, wish to promote in the publication Sense of Serving. Its contributors envisage universities as institutions that have liberated themselves from modern forms of megalomania, greed and perverse incentives. They call upon universities to become places where the Bildung of students is given centre stage and where research will thus become more meaningful for society at large. They also make a plea for balancing the importance of academic knowing and experiential sensing in learning trajectories. They picture universities as part of an ecosystem making society more vital and dynamic, more committed, more service oriented, more tolerant and richer: a society where people share their lives with others and where a sense of serving others fosters wellbeing, tranquillity and wisdom. They ultimately propose to cherish a culture of caring in Academia, to provide the foundations for a caring society.
Sense of Serving